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A day on the water

Next time you join us for a stay at the Moinho, why not take a paddleboard out and enjoy a day on the water?

There are a number of spots around the local rivers and reservoirs that are great for splashing around and cooling off - just ask us and we'll give you directions to some of our favourites.

If you're feeling fit and want to take a longer trip, we highly recommend the route from Praia do Ribatejo to Castelo do Almourol and back. This takes around 1.5-2 hours each way, depending on the conditions.

The trip curves its way along a shallow section of the River Tejo, with fish skittering over the sand just beneath you, and flocks of birds nesting on the bank, before the beautiful medieval castle of Almourol comes into view, jutting out into the water.

There is a cafe near the castle, where you can refresh yourself and work up the energy for the journey back (against the current!). Near Praia do Ribatejo is the pretty town of Constância, with its river beach and some good restaurants, well worth exploring.

We have two paddleboards available to rent, at a cost of 20 euros each per day. Please let us know in advance if you'd like to use them during your stay.


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