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Birdwatching at the Windmill

If you love nature and wildlife – then you’re in for a treat at Fadagosa! If you’d like some guidance to better understand the sights and sounds around you, why not let us arrange a bird watching activity with a local expert - Gady (who’s also a good friend of the mill). Bird watching starts with breakfast on the terrace where your guide will shed some light on the chirping and tweeting that surrounds you, along with a chat to establish your knowledge and experience. Don’t worry if the only bird you know is a city pigeon - Gady will make sure the activity is tailored to you. After breakfast, and armed with binoculars, you will walk along the river and up into the hills where you will see many species of birds and learn about their individual characters and amazing lives. You will also learn about the night birds that live in the area so that you can listen out for them when you’re star gazing. Back at the windmill and after a picnic lunch, Gady will help you construct a nest box which you can fix to one of the trees and, in this way, you will be encouraging more birds to make a home at Fadagosa. And we will keep you updated on any birds that make your nest box their home!

Prices available on request. Price includes breakfast and a picnic lunch.

Rui Miguel Roseiro Santos, or Gady for short, is first and foremost a lover of nature.  He is author of the book 'Respira Natureza em Mação' (Breathe Nature in Mação) and blog He collaborates with the Camâra de Mação (local town hall) and the local newspaper to advise on environmental issues.  He is also a talented illustrator and painter, and teaches at the local painting school.  We are very luck to have benefitted from his help and advice in rejuvenating the land around the mill, and getting to know all the animals that have become our neighbours.

A Kingfisher, photo taken on the river at Moinho da Fadagosa. Photo by Gady.

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