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This small town is a nice stop for a morning or afternoon, and is 30 minutes away by car. It has a tenuous connection to the Portugal’s greatest poet Luís de Camões and it has gardens and statues dedicated to him, but the main draw is the peaceful town centre and river beach. If you’d like to try canoeing on the Tejo you can do so here with NaturZ (we can book for you). In town, restaurant ‘Leopoldinha’ is a firm favourite of ours, and the staff speak good English. Ten minutes on from Constãncia is the Parque Ambiental de Santa Margarida where you can stroll, watch wildlife (including red squirrels!) and have a tour of the butterfly sanctuary (Borboletario Tropical, tours every hour but not during lunchtime). Don't miss the local cake - Queijinhos do Céu - one of our favourites in Portugal (and we've tried most of them!!!).

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