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Moinho da Fadagosa is open for 2020!

It seems incredible, but we've now owned Moinho da Fadgosa for a whole year!  After a very busy but fantastic first year at the windmill, the winter is coming to an end and we're getting ready to open our doors to our first guests of 2020.

Last year was quite a whirlwind, from climbing waterfalls to repair our water supply, to graduating rapidly from handsaws to jigsaws to chainsaws, to the bureaucratic adventure of obtaining our tourism licence, but we got there and were handsomely rewarded with some fantastic guests and some glowing reviews.

This year we're looking forward to being able to enjoy a whole season, and will be open from March to October. We've already had a number of bookings, if you'd like to come and join us at the windmill this year check out our availability. We look forward to seeing you!

Photography by Miguel Lourenço

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