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The chickens have landed!

We have four beautiful new additions at the mill. They are Petra (black), Chanel (speckled, very elegant!), Marmalade (orange) and Bettina (blonde) and these ladies have made themselves perfectly at home. We had wanted chickens for a little while and Fiona did a deal with a lovely lady she met whilst doing the laundry; we would receive four chickens without charge, and all we had to do was promise not to eat them – DEAL! We picked up the chickens one sunny afternoon and bought them home in cardboard boxes, they were mysteriously quiet in the car and we worried we might have broken our part of the deal already, but back at the windmill they popped out of their boxes and strutted around happily. They laid 3 eggs for us on day one and this productivity has continued, so we are very happy and eating lots of delicious eggs. The hens also eat all our scraps and leftovers and help turn over our compost pile, so they are good workers, we couldn’t be happier with our new recruits.


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