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Castelo de Vide

A beautiful fortress city, not too far from the Spanish border, and about an hour’s drive from the windmill. Castelo de Vide was a haven for the Jews fleeing Spain and it still has a rich Jewish history that you can learn about in the Synagoga. The walls of the old town surrounding the castle, house a maze of cobbled streets that are fun to wander around, and the castle itself offers great views over the city. The font water of Castelo de Vide is well known for its purity so be sure to take a water bottle along to fill up - and look out for our favourite restaurant here: 'Confraria'. If you’re looking for more to explore in this area, you can continue on to Marvão (15 minutes further) via the popular village of Portagem. Portagem has a lovely river pool and good restaurants, while Marvão is a spectacular hilltop castle village.


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