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Winery to visit: Quinta Vale do Armo

Less than half an hour's drive from the windmill, you can visit Quinta Vale do Armo, in the picturesque landscape around the town of Sardoal. This winery is owned by the Lindeborg Group and makes the local Vila Jardim wines from its own grapes, as well as being responsible for making the wines from the other estates in the group, taking grapes from Lisbon and also the Alentejo. We had a great tour around the organic vineyards and also a look around the huge adega, all done with a glass of wine in hand. Dylan our guide was hugely knowledgeable and generous with his time and wine! Depending on your budget and passion for wine there are a range of visit options to take advantage of, from as little as 10 euros. We sampled the 25 euro wine tour and tasting which allowed us to taste four wines and also to share a delicious charcuterie board with sausage, ham, cheese, olive oil, bread, jam, and the typical Sardoal cake "Tigelada". This experience takes about 1.5 hours.

The village of Sardoal is a very pretty place to wander around, and also the windmills of Entrevinhas (moinhos de entrevinhas) are only a few minutes drive from the winery so it's easy to enjoy a half day in Sardoal, or even a full day if you want to try out one of the many hiking routes.The name of the wine, 'Vila Jardim', means 'town of the gardens' and derives from the fact that Sardoal was famed for the flowers adorning the houses - you'll still see plenty of traces of the pretty roses and bougainvillea that used to decorate all of the front porches.


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