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Nucleo Museologico das Mantas e Tapecarias, Belver

Don't be put off by the long name! Belver is one of our favourite nearby towns and, although relatively sleepy nowadays, it used to be a hive of activity for both the soap and the weaving industry. Two museums now tell the stories of each industry, and the weaving museum is a fascinating insight into one woman's illustrious nature and the beautiful rugs, blankets and tapestries that she produced in this small town. They were transported all across the country via the railway network that passed (and still does pass) through Belver. The museum was established in honour of Natividade Nunes da Silva; an artist and businesswoman who ran the factory for almost 60 years. You can learn about her story and the process of making linen yarn, as well as having a go on a traditional Portuguese loom. There are also examples of beautiful woven crafts to see, as well as a small gift shop.


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