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Pizza Night and Sourdough Pizza Masterclasses

During lockdown we built our own clay pizza oven and we have been perfecting our sourdough pizzas ever since. They are now consistently delicious and we will be offering Pizza Nights and Masterclasses to guests this year.

Pizza Nights include (30 euros for two people):

- Delicious pizza for two with your choice of toppings (including seasonal vegetables from our garden), cooked in our wood oven

- A jug of local red or white wine

Sourdough Pizza Masterclasses are an extra 10 euros per person (allow 1.5 hours) and include, as well as the above:

- Learning how to make a sourdough starter (with a small amount to take home with you)

- Making and topping a sourdough pizza dough

- Learning how to use a wood oven

Please contact us in advance of your stay if you're interested in either option.


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