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Wild Swimming at the Windmill

Within a few minutes walk of the windmill, there are several secluded swimming spots on the river to explore. Try an invigorating early morning dip with nothing but the birdsong for company, or just spend the day relaxing and enjoying the shade of the riverbank.  

150 metres from the Moinho: At the base of our property, the Aziral river meets the Ribeira das Eiras - the river than runs around the bottom of our hill - and there is a lovely little beach with water deep enough to swim all year round.  

500 metres from the Moinho: Another option is to walk a little further to 'Tomada Agua'. Here the water shimmers under sun-dappled trees and is a good choice for shade-lovers.

For those who really want to stretch their limbs, a forty minute walk through the forest will take you to a large public swimming spot downstream on the Ribeira das Eiras. This may be busier, but there is a lot of space to splash about and have a proper swim, and is a spot well worth exploring.


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