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Shady river walk (6.5k total), including two great wild swimming spots

(To follow the path most easily on Google maps, switch to the satellite view layer).

From the moinho, walk down the path towards the road, but instead of joining the road, follow the small path straight ahead and to the right, down towards the old thermal spa, with its small chapel.

Go past the building and down to the river - there should be some stepping stones to cross here.

Follow the river until you see a space that has been cleared by a local company (Zen Family) to be used for yoga, meditation, etc. Just before you reach this area, there is a great shaded spot for swimming in the river.

Cross the cleared space and continue to follow the river - a path has been cleared that leads you all the way alongside to the nearby village of Casas da Ribeira.

You will approach the village by going underneath an old bridge (on the left-hand side), and up towards the road. As you cross the new road bridge, turn off to the left, and you will find a deep pool fed by a small waterfall. This is perfect for a refreshing dip in the water!

Continue up into and through the village. As you leave the village on the other side, there is a fonte where you can fill up water bottles.

Follow the path out of the village and it will take you down a hill, where you will eventually reach the Zen Family space again.

From here, you can recross the river and follow the path back to the moinho.


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