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New kids!

If you read our autumn newsletter, you will remember that our goat herd received a special visit from Mr Boombastic (not his christened name), a local male goat, back in October. He stayed a week and we were unsure of whether he had liked all our females, but we’re glad to say he serviced all of them and our three females each gave birth to twins in the middle of March. Just like the first time round, Simon and I read up on goat birthing, had our latex gloves at the ready, and we were not needed at all! The three females did a grand job of delivering all by themselves. We now have four extra females and two males.

It is wonderful to see the little ones jumping around, bonding with their mothers, and interacting with each other. After much thought and consideration we have named the three sets of twins; Bonnie and Rolo, Holly and Ivy, and Bruno and Blossom. Welcome to the world little ones! Please behave yourselves...


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