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A few of our favourite things

There's plenty to do during a stay at the windmill, and we thought it would be helpful to list a few of our favourites (just relaxing is another good option, of course!)...

Day trip to Belver

If you only venture away from the mill once during your stay, we'd recommend a day in Belver, less than 20 minutes away by car. This beautiful hilltop village offers breathtaking views of the river Tejo, a medieval castle, two museums (we'd recommend trying your hand on a traditional weaving loom in the 'Mantas e Tapecerias' museum), a boardwalk alongside the river and a river beach - complete with bar - at the end of it. Boat trips are available, and the area is a must-visit for birdwatchers. Finish the day with a sunset drink in the vineyard at Gavião Nature Village, and perhaps dinner in their excellent restaurant.

A Portuguese Wine Tasting at the Moinho

Simon is a wine expert and co-owner of a wine business in Brighton, UK ( If you are interested in learning about Portuguese wine, and of course drinking it, we offer an ‘Introduction to Portuguese Wine’ tasting at the windmill. We'll taste and talk through a range of wines from around the country, and discuss Portuguese wine in general. Included in the price are the table wines that we open, so you'll have plenty left over to enjoy during the rest of your stay. Let us know in advance if you'd like a tasting - more details here...

Within a few minutes walk of the windmill, there are several secluded swimming spots on the river to explore - we've made a map to help you find some. Try an invigorating early morning dip with nothing but the birdsong for company, or just spend the day relaxing and enjoying the shade of the riverbank.

In nearby Abrantes stands the grand old estate of Casa Anadia. Olive oil production here dates back to the 18th century and the estate itself goes back even further to the 14th century. The Casa only opened for tourism in Spring 2022 and it is a fantastic place to take a tour, to step back in time and understand how the rich and poor lived together on this mighty estate. The gardens are beautiful, the house is palatial, and the museum and chapel are very interesting and steeped in social history. At the end of the tour you can do an olive oil tasting and learn more about the varieties and their subtleties of flavour. A tour and tasting costs 12.50 euros and must be booked in advance - we are happy to do this for you.

Pizza Nights and Masterclasses at the Moinho

Sadly, no takeaway deliveries serve our rather remote little spot, and the closest restaurant is a drive away - but we have built our own clay pizza oven here and are happy to deliver ourselves! We are offering Pizza Nights and Masterclasses to guests, so you can opt to let us do all the work or learn a little about making your own sourdough pizzas and using a clay oven. More details here...

A private dining experience at Linhal das Meias

A wonderful recent discovery for us is Linhal das Meias, 20 minutes away by car. Rui and Nita run a winery and guesthouse here, and offer private dining experiences that are unique for the area in terms of quality, service and creativity. We've written more in a blog piece here. Bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance, and dietary requirements are catered for - contact us if you'd like us to make a reservation for you.

Portugal may be famous for its long stretches of sandy beaches and big waves, but did you know there are plenty of beaches in central Portugal, a long way from the coast! Praias fluviais or river beaches are man-made stretches along rivers that allow people to swim safely, and to enjoy a drink or two in a bar on site. There are a number of river beaches just a short drive from the the windmill (Alamal, Ortiga, Carvoeiro) and our guests love the opportunity of cooling down with a cold dip and a cold beer!

There is no better way to discover the landscape than by walking it. We walk with the dog every morning and evening, and each time there is something different to see, hear or smell. Walking connects us all with nature in a way that is both simple and profound, and we love it! The Rotas de Mação helps people discover nature. When all the trails are completed, there will be 14 mapped walking routes around the concelho. One of the trails, PR7, passes close to the windmill and takes in some fantastic sights and swimming spots along its 15 km circular route. Download the app by searching for Rotas de Macao, or go to the website to find out more and to follow the trails.


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